Explain that sound is produced by vibrating objects and that the frequency of the sound is the same as the frequency of the vibration of the source of the sound

due to being moved it will compose energy which is sound. It will cause a chain reaction which will cause the
near by air molecules to vibrate backwards and forwards.The frequency of these vibration will be the same as the object that of the (ಠ_ಠ)

object that had started the vibration. It is then converted to sound when it has reached the ear, The outcomes will be a compressed wave which travels through the air, sound requires a form to pass through eg: water and air. If a persons were to scream and the vibration was to reach 150 hertz, the air around it would vibrate the same .The speed of sound will be greater through a solid and slowest through gas.
The animation above is indicating how sound is vibration and how it works behind the scenes

The diagram above shows what happens when a drum has been hit and what happens to the air particles around it.