Outline the structure of the human larynx and the associated structures that assist the production of sound.
"biology in context the spectrum of life" second edition, (2004)Peter Aubusson, Eileen kennedy , Peter Hickman pg.483
One of the central jobs that the larynx is in charge off bringing forth sound. The voice box (larynx) lies near the throat and neck region which contains the vocal chords, their function is to produce the sound/voice. It is also connected to the trachea that makes its way up to the mouth, the mechanism are held by muscles and ligaments that hold them together.The epiglottis is an elastic cartilage which is in charge of preventing food from entering the windpipe and also the larynx. In the progress of speech the muscles will come together which will leave a narrow section. When the air is pushed out from the longs it passes through the larynx and epiglottis and which then causes the cords to vibrate. Along with the help of the other parts of the mouth like the tongue speech will be produced. To vary the tone and pitch of the voice produced is depended on the size of the narrow section and the tension on them.

The video above indicates on how sounds and voices are produced through the vocal organs in humans. Step by step they show how each part of the throat produce the sound.