Explain why sound is a useful and versatile form of communication
With humans and also animals using sound as a form of communication it is very useful whether they are using it for avoiding predators, mating and sometimes looking for food. Vibrating objects cause sound which is a form of energy. Sound is versatile because of the different natures of sounds that different animals can compose, the Survival of each species all depends between the communications of the animals because they use communication for obtaining food, avoiding predators, maintaining a social hierarchy within the group. Different animals have different pitches of sound to communicate different kinds of information. Sound can travel through solids and liquids as well as gases which makes it a good versatile form of communication especially in dense areas like forests. Each type of animal use their own way of producing sounds and communicating for example: mammals have vocal chords whilst insects like cicadas use their tympanal membrane.

This diagram shows how the loud the cicada can reach in decibels and also how the tymbal membrane works within the cicada's body to create the sound to communicate with each other